Oct 27, 2011

Video Booth - Download

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Video Booth, adds cool effect on your videos. With Video Booth  you may record videos and snapshots so easily from your computer. Video Booth - is a funny application that enables you to record videos and snapshot easily on your computer then add cool effects on them sharing them on your facebook account or whatever you want.
Video Booth - is easy to use just Open Video Booth, look into the lens, adjust your look and click the Snap button. Video Booth counts down for 3 seconds to capture and save the snapshot below the main window. Click the thumbnail to view it, upload it to website directly or export it to local folders. Recording videos is as easy as taking pictures and the Continuous Shooting feature is very exciting.

Video Booth features :
License: Freeware
Size: 8 Mb
Download Video Booth NOW

Oct 21, 2011

Download Google Translate Desktop - 2.1.68 for instant translation

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Google Translate Desktop allows translation any text , Google Translate Desktop  supports more than 58 language and vocalizes about 34 of them .
Google Translate Desktop - 2.1.68 is a google translate based desktop application that helps you to translation any text .
Also, Google Translate Desktop - 2.1.68 helps to translation a whole website to allow you easily navigate through the web.
Google Translate Desktop - 2.1.68 also monitors the clipboards and translate the content to a big translation text at once.
So, you will be able to read any article in any language for any author in the worldwith the help of this amazing software Google Translate Desktop .

 Download  Google Translate Desktop

Google Translate Desktop - 2.1.68 features:
License : Freeware
File size: 400 KB
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Oct 14, 2011

Office DocumentsRescue Professional – Download

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Like magic, Office Documents Rescue Professional - 6.2 recovers your lost documents. Office Documents Rescue Professional - 6.2 can recover your lost document files from your PC, PDA, SmartPhone, DVD or whatever. Office Documents Rescue Professional - 6.2 supports many file formates DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, RTF, LIT, 3DS, etc
Few words about Office Documents Rescue Professional :
Office Documents Rescue Professional can recover your lost or corrupted documents form any storage devices wether hard drive, compact flash card, IBM machine, smart phone, multimedia cards Sd Cards or any other storages devices you imagine
License: Shareware
Price: 26.95 EUR
Size: 5.5 MB

ImTOO YouTube to iPod Converter Download

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ImTOO YouTube to iPod Converter is a new software developed mainly to enable you downloading youtube videos and convert them to iPod compatible formats MP4 MPEG4 very easy
ImTOO YouTube to iPod Converter makes it in ONLY ONE Step downloading and converting youtube video files simultaneously
ImTOO YouTube to iPod Converter features:
License: shareware
Price: 22.95 $
Size: 22 MB

Oct 7, 2011

Home Audio Editor - 7.5.5 Download

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Home Audio Editor - 7.5.5 , audio editing and recording utility aided by visualization to render that process simple for the user. Home Audio Editor - 7.5.5 allows you to create, edit, open audio files in any audio format and via the visual aids you may edit, record and mix you audio tracks.
Home Audio Editor - 7.5.5 supports the following audio formats :
Waveform Audio (PCM Wave) Files (*.wav);
MPEG Audio (Various Layers) Files (*.mp3;*.mp2;*.mpeg);
Windows Media Audio Files (*.wma);
OGG Vorbis Audio Files (*.ogg);
CD Audio Tracks (*.cda);
VOX Dialogic ACPCM Files (*.vox);
RAW Audio Files (*.raw; *.pcm);
G.72x Audio Files (*.g721;*.g723;*.g726);
AU Unix Audio Files (*.au;*.snd);
AIFF Apple Audio Files (*.aif;*.aiff;*.aifc);
MPC Audio Files (*.mpc);
DSP Audio Files (*.dsp). 

 Home Audio Editor - 7.5.5 features:
 License: Shareware 29.95 $
Size : 10 Mb

Oct 6, 2011

Control your network with Net Control 2 - 9.10

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Net Control 2 - 9.10 designed mainly for school computers managements inside classrooms. Net Control 2 - 9.10 is specifically designed to control multiple computers at one time. with Net Control 2 - 9.10 you will have a firm - remote - hand on the educational process.Net Control 2 includes original Broadcast Desktop teachnology, which allows broadcasting the image from teacher's Desktop to multiple student computers, without any performance and quality losses. Using Remote Desktop feature. Net Control 2 - 9.10 may also be used in everywhere many computers should be controlled at time like net cafes, libraries ...etc

Net Control 2 - 9.10 features:
 License: Share ware 99$
Size: 6 Mb
Download Free Trial Net Control 2 - 9.10 Now

Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 Download for vista and Seven

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Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 is a real solution for time and project management. Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 is a small team work for you with advanced functionality, filters and reports, comparing professionals, departments, clients and projects to each other. 
 Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 will save much more time for you via speeding up your projects reports for your clients to pay faster : )
Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 is used by many professionals worldwide to perform multifunctions like timesheet reporting and project management. 

 Easy Timesheets - 9.19.7 properties:
License: Share ware
Price : 49.95$
Size: 10 Mb