Oct 23, 2010

PostworkShop Basic Edition Download

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 It is the basic edition of the advanced photo editiong software; PostworkShop Basic Edition that is designed to convert your digital photos into oil painted, watercolor, pastil or pencil painted potos. PostworkShop Basic Edition use techniques from a famous atrists, if you want to show something different use it, PostworkShop Basic Edition. Turning into professional artistic style
PostworkShop Basic Edition main features:
-     50 artistic styles all what you have to do is to choose from them
-     An easy way to transforms your photo into an artistic rendition. With only one click
-     Whether at a distance or up-close your painting has the detail of a true piece of art.
-    Get the difference between the different artistic styles and techniques by trying each one
-     Add a new dimension to your creative workflow
-    Adjust the properties of each style choosing the brush width, pencil line length, or number of passes, or mix styles using layers so no two photos every look the same Printed version looks just as stunning

PostworkShop Basic Edition Download
 Software developer: Xycod Informatikai Kft
License: Free
Size: 60 MB
OS Support: windows all + vista+ seven
Download PostworkShop Basic Edition


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