Oct 10, 2010

JobServer Professional 3.0.4

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JobServer Professional may be an excellent start for you to grow your company's business. With the help of JobServer Professional provided tools that will enable you to process your internal/external jobs professionally. JobServer Professional 3.0.4 supplies different databases include Oracle, Postgre SQL, and MySQL.
JobServer Professional is designed to cope with higher and advanced use and has a higher degree of accuracy and stability. JobServer Professional can create and manage an arbitrary number of Partitions and handle the configuration and processing of tens of thousands of jobs. Whether you have a machine with 4 processors or 32 processors, JobServer can take advantage of the hardware to offer tremendous scalability.
JobServer Professional features include:
Extensive scheduling options
• Detailed logging, tracking, and monitoring
• Highly threaded and scalable processing environment
• Transaction level reliability in how jobs are configured, scheduled, and executed
• Powerful yet simple developer API
• Compose complex job work flows using simple point and click
• Scalable to tens of thousands of jobs
• Powerful web based administration tools
Software developer:  Grand Logic, Inc.
License: Shareware 2995.00$
Size: 32 Mb

OS support:  Windows all + vista and seven
Download JobServer Professional 3.0.4 FREE TRIAl

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