Oct 10, 2010

Manxam 1.0.0 organize you Disk

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Manxam 1.0.0 is a software that is developed specifically to organize your disk for you. Manxam has the ability to identify various types of files and organize them in no time. Manxam not only will organize your files and disk for you but also will extract a detailed information from these files for you.
How does Manxam 1.0.0 works: lets explain that Certain dialogs ask you to enter a value in device-independent units. WPF assumes that one physical inch on the monitor contains 96 device-independent units. Many monitors do have this DPI, and for those monitors 96 device-independent units will be equal to one physical inch. However, some monitors have a different DPI. Furthermore, the user can change the system's effective DPI in the Control Panel's display properties.
Manxam 1.0.0  organize you Disk
Manxam 1.0.0  organize you Disk
Software developer: Manxam
Size: 93 Mb
OS support: Windows all + vista and seven

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